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The 20 Most Popular Home Office Photos of 2015

The Crake Team January 15, 2016

2015 was our most paperless year to date, and home office design certainly reflected that. We saw less need for filing cabinets, binders, magazine bins and bulky desktop computers as Wi-Fi, the cloud, websites, tablets and online banking took over. This meant home offices required less storage space, and dedicating a full room to them was no longer necessary for many homeowners. Instead, work stations with everything one needs were tucked into nooks, window bays, former closets and even under staircases. Here are 20 of the most popular office photos of 2015 — do you see any that helped you design or tweak your own work space? Please let us know all about your home office in the Comments.

Maximizing spoffice nookace. More than 81,000 Houzz users have added this home office to their ideabooks so far this year, and it’s easy to see why. Many of the most popular offices of 2015 made the most of tight spaces, like this 8-by-5-foot nook. This handsome home office has engineered wood flooring that extends right up the wall to the ceiling, creating a warm textured accent. Charcoal floating shelves and cabinets provide contrast, while a classic Eames task chair offers ergonomic modern style.

under stair officeUnder the stairs. Much like the previous example, this cozy office nook by architect Hugh Jefferson Randolph was created using space stolen from an often wasted spot. As more folks opt to downsize these days, creating an office from an area like this is preferable to adding an entire room dedicated to work.

window officeMaking the most of a bump-out or bay. These nooks are just the right size to nestle in a desk. This bump-out is part of a living room, and interior designer Jennifer Walters wanted to maintain an open, “non-office-y” feel under the windows. Using a desk with a glass top and polished metal legs keeps the work space from feeling cluttered or clunky. The wireless printer and fax are hidden in baskets.

shelves officeShelving that leaves the floors free. Thanks to the white, wall-mounted shelves, this room feels uncluttered and much more open, whereas free-standing bookshelves or cabinetry that extended to the floors would have closed in the 9-by-9-foot space.


kitchen officeIn the kitchen. The kitchen is still a popular spot for keeping the home organized, as well as a place to plan menus and charge personal devices. In this colorful kitchen, walnut shelves in the office corner hold cookbooks and art.


out in open officeOut in the open. If your office is the command center of your home, tucking it in between rooms makes a lot of sense. It’s easy to pop right over and pay a bill, shoot off an email or keep a schedule organized.


reclaimed wood officeReclaimed wood. We’ve already seen it several times on this list — whether on walls, floors, desks or shelves, the warmth of reclaimed wood was a favorite decorating element in the office. I have a theory that it makes us feel a little bit like Thoreau in his cabin on Walden Pond even if we’re sitting in the middle of the city or the suburbs. Do you have a theory about it? Let me know in the Comments section!

inspiration wall office


An inspiration wall. Whether it was a big map like this one, a chalkboard wall for brainstorming sessions or a big swath of cork for favorite images, a dedicated wall for inspiration is a great addition to a home office.


open space office

Floating the desk in the middle of the room. We saw this layout a lot this year. When most of what you need to work with can be “grabbed” from your laptop, you don’t need file drawers within arm’s reach. Note that if you’re using this kind of layout, you’ll want any other computer components linked wirelessly. Once you’re sure where the desk will go, have outlets installed in the floor for charging your computer and desk lamp, since you don’t want to be tripping over cords leading to a wall outlet. Another element that makes this office so inviting is the ficus tree. It’s a wonderful way to add life to a room.

secretary desk officeA small, chic secretary. These clever desks can be tucked right up against a wall and closed to conceal any clutter.


sawhorse office

Sawhorse legs. These simple utilitarian forms take on an elegant look in this Sonoma country house. Interior designerAlison Davin designed the L-shaped desk and added the detail of leather straps near the bases of the legs.

draper office


Take a note from Don Draper. If you have a dedicated home office room, include a comfortable spot to read or catch a quick power nap.


she shedShe Sheds. Many women decided they wanted a counterpart to the man cave in 2015, outfitting garages, garden sheds and other small structures to serve as creative getaways. This beautiful studio borrowed space from a backyard garage.


room for 2Room for two. When families did dedicate an entire room to an office, it was often with sharing in mind. Here we see one work surface large enough for two people to sit side by side and enjoy the view out the window.


shared spaceIn this popular photo, we see another approach to sharing: two workstations on adjacent walls.

small office

I believe this is the smallest home office space we saw on the list of most popular home office photos of the year. Measuring in at just 35 inches wide, 36 inches deep and 112 inches high, it’s approximately the size of a small coat closet. Converting a closet is a great strategy for fitting a workspace into a bedroom or even off a hallway.

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