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Your Easy House Prep For Overnight Guests

The Crake Team November 25, 2015

Follow these 7 steps to get your home ready in a hurry for overnight guests.

First, BREATHE. Then easily check off these steps one by one.


  1. Tidy up. Things don’t need to be perfect; just spend a few minutes gathering loose items and put them back to where they belong. Think mail pile. Take out the trash and recycling.
  2. Make up the guest bed with fresh linen.
  3. Check that light bulbs in lamps are working.
  4. Clean and restock the bathroom. Most guests don’t care about dust bunnies, but the bathroom is one place where cleanliness matters. Also restock toiletries and towels.
  5. Coordinate house info with your guests with a tour. Create a list that will be helpful for guests. Think keys, electronics and appliances instructions including Wi-Fi password, emergency numbers, etc.
  6. Stock up on morning essentials. Ask ahead what your guests prefer in the morning and wouldn’t it be nice to have it all ready for them on the kitchen counter when they wake up so they don’t have to wait for you?
  7. Kid proof or pet proof your home, if needed. No explanation necessary.

Some special touches that will make your guests feels welcomed and cozy:


  1. Small basket of sample-size toiletries.
  2. Hair dryer.
  3. Fresh flowers.
  4. Bathrobe.
  5. Spare toothbrush (new in package).
  6. Hook for hanging a toiletries bag or kit.

Guest Bedroom:

  1. Candles. Don’t forget matches so they can actually enjoy the candle!
  2. Fresh flowers.
  3. Bottled water.
  4. Stack of interesting books.
  5. Power strip to plug in laptop.
  6. Snacks.
  7. Little note welcoming them.

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